As a child I would watch my Grannie make jewellery, fascinated by all the stones, pearls and beads and how she put them together. Later as a young teenager and not being allowed to have my ears pierced, I started making my own clip on earrings. I carried on making jewellery from wire, beads and stones and then in 2006 started a college course to learn about Silver Smithing. This opened another world to me in jewellery making and my passion for making pieces from silver grows every day.  In 2011, I started my own business, Twisting Silver, designing and making silver jewellery.  

Inspiration for my pieces is drawn particularly from nature and the sea.  I find when I am in some lovely countryside, by a lake or by the sea, away from the hustle bustle of everyday life and my mind can wander. Different shapes in the trees, flowers, general landscapes or swirls in the water can all be the start of creating a piece of jewellery.  I have made many bubble inspired pieces of jewellery over the years. This all started with my love of scuba diving, the bubbles fascinated me, along with the whole underwater world..  I also enjoy experimenting with silver, melting silver and seeing where it naturally goes.

I now work from my studio in Nottingham designing and making Sterling Silver and Copper Jewellery and wall art. There is so much pleasure and satisfaction in creating jewellery and then seeing people wear and admire it.    

Christine x
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